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Terms & Conditions

Vintage Treasures T&Cs

Any item can be held with small deposit. 

Please call to arrange a visit.


This all started as a hobby that simply got out of hand and turned into a business. We’re passionate about all things vintage and hope you share that love with us.

While we don’t operate from a traditional shop setting, you’re welcome to browse our curated collection in person. To ensure personalized attention, appointments are encouraged. Please feel free to call or email to arrange a visit.

Absolutely! We understand the importance of getting a closer look. Feel free to request extra photos or even arrange a video call to see your desired item in detail.

To reserve an item, simply get in touch with us via phone or email. We’ll guide you through the process of placing a small deposit to secure your vintage find.

We’re just a call, email, or message away! Whether you have questions about our items or want to schedule a visit, reaching us is easy. For prompt responses during business hours, we recommend sending a message via WhatsApp or using our website contact page form. 

Absolutely! We offer nationwide delivery. For orders over €100, delivery is free. Standard delivery for Ireland and the UK is €12. If you’re interested in larger items or international delivery, drop us a message.

For deliveries within Ireland, you can anticipate receiving your order within 2-4 working days. International delivery times may vary, so feel free to reach out for a quote.

No, there’s no VAT on our sales. The price you see is what you pay, excluding any additional delivery charges.


1.1 These terms apply to the purchase of products from us.

2.1 We are The Vintage Store, located Jenkinstown, Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland, and our contact is

3.1 By placing an order, you agree to these terms.

4.1 Images used are always actual item images made the moment we stocked them; however, the items themselves may vary in some details due to e.g. weathering, time, dust, etc. 

5.1 Your order is an offer; our acceptance forms a contract.

6.1 The delivery costs associated with your order are not predetermined and will be specified through communication channels such as messages or calls, allowing for a tailored and agreed-upon arrangement.

6.2 Delivery dates are estimates; delays don’t entitle contract termination.

6.3 If you miss delivery, contact the courier for rearrangement.

6.4 Risk transfers upon delivery; ownership transfers after full payment.

6.5 Notify us of damages within 5 working days.

6.6 If you arrange delivery, courier terms apply.

6.7 If you don’t rearrange delivery, additional charges may apply.

6.8 After dispatch, delivery issues are between you and the courier.

6.9 Legal rights if goods are delivered late.

6.10 Set a new delivery deadline if contract termination isn’t immediate.

6.11 End the contract for late delivery; return, cancel, or reject goods.

6.12 You become responsible for goods upon delivery.

6.13 You own goods after full payment.

6.14 Provide required information promptly.

7.1 You can end the contract for various reasons.

7.2 Ending the contract due to our actions or delays.

7.3 Right to change your mind within 5 working days.

8.1 Notify us using specified methods.

8.2 Return products after ending the contract; costs depend on reasons.

8.3 We pay return costs in specific cases.

8.4 Refund details; deductions may apply.

8.5 Refunds processed promptly.

9.1 Retain damaged goods; follow instructions for lost goods.

10.1 We may end the contract for non-payment or lack of information.

10.2 Compensation for breaking the contract.

11.1 Contact us about item issues.

11.2 Summary of legal rights.

11.3 Return rejected item.

12.1 The product price specified at the order remains unchanged, with no VAT adjustments, as VAT is not applicable to this sale.

12.2 Correcting pricing errors.

12.3 Payment methods: bank transfer, PayPal, Revolut, Stripe or cash upon collection.

12.4 Payment due within one working day after order acceptance.

12.5 Late payment may incur interest.

12.6 Disputes on invoice; interest applied afterward.

13.1 We’re responsible for foreseeable loss or damage caused by us.

13.2 No exclusion of liability for certain cases.

13.3 We make good any damage caused during services.

13.4 No liability for business losses.

14.1 Personal information use as per Privacy Policy.

15.1 Agreement transfer to another organization.

15.2 Transfer of rights requires our consent.

15.3 No third-party rights.

15.4 If a court finds terms illegal, others remain.

15.5 Enforcing the contract later.

15.6 Governed by Irish law; legal proceedings in Irish courts.


.1 Terms for selling goods to us.

2.1 Making a sale: Submit an enquiry; no binding contract until acceptance.

3.1 Warranties and obligations: Provide accurate information; guarantee quality.

4.1 Contract details: Information forms part of the contract; rejection for inaccurate details.

4.2 Rejected goods returned at seller’s expense.

4.3 Seller arranges and pays for goods delivery.

4.4 Goods at seller’s risk until safely received by us.

4.5 Payment within 28 days of receipt; agreed price paid.

4.6 Goods become our property after payment or delivery.

4.9 Sales receipt issued upon necessary information provision.